Thursday, 12 September 2013

All about me


Hi my name is Jezebel. I am 11 years old I go to Glenbrae school I am a Niuean I was born in Auckland  hospital I have two sisters and two brothers I am the fourth olds in my family I was adopted two my Aunty which is my mum’s sister I live in a two story house in New Zealand.

My family
I have five step sisters and one step mother followed by a step dad. I have a best aunty and uncle they are married and they help me alot.

School life

I go to Glenbrae School I am in Room 10 my wonderful teacher name is and Mrs Silva. These are my best friend first is Edwina then Laite and then Keti

My hopes/ dreams
My dream is to be a singer when I grow up and to be a netball player and also to go to university and study about being a singer and netball player then finding a job for myself.

Enjoy Reading about me(: