Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Why is it very important to learn how Swim.

Why is it important to swim

It is very important to swim because if you are going on a camp and you can't find your way back you can  swim or use a map you can even use your telephone to contact other when you need help.

 I think it is best to learn to swim at a young age because when you grow up you will know how to swim and if you don’t know how to swim you could drown and die.  I’m Sure that swimming can be very fun but it could also be dangerous if you don’t know how to swim.Kids love to spend hot days splashing and playing around in a pool or the ocean.And don’t take any thing like your telephone,Ipad,Ipod because it will damage it.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


Having a netbook helps me do my school work easier and I always use a writing template for my writing it makes it so easier, I also do reading activates to help my comprehending and I also do inquiry presentations. My netbook helps in many ways. Having a net book is easier for me to learn because I learnt how to go on our class site if we were stuck. I use my netbook to search for information that needed. I have been learning my key competencies by thinking and relating to each other so as I'm managing myself. I have helped other students in my class and asked them if they needed help with their work by learn creating and sharing my work onto my blog so that other people would read and leave there comments. I reckon that it is better to use my netbook rather than using pencil and paper, because people around the world can see our work.


Water fun day:)

On overcast day Glenbrae school had water fun day we all had to bring our house colour T-shirt to school after we got changed we all walked to the netball courts and waited for the class’s to come after all the class’s were all here then Mrs repeater pronus the 6 activities the activities was the zigzag,water slide,obstacle race,3 hand race,walk the plank,through the leg,sponge.We first went to the obstacle where  Mrs Elia was and Miss D we all line up into our house colour team then Mrs Elia example what was the activities what you do was you have to grab the cup and crawl under the chair and the run to the colour bin you are in we all cheered  for each other.Next we went to the slippery slidly soapy slid where Mrs Parker was we line up into our house colour team but first Mrs Parker explain what we had to do we had to grab a cup of water and slid down the slide and then run all the way to our house colour bin and tip the water in and run back to the slid and stand at the back of the line.


I am a responsible person

Explain what it take to be a socially responsible person in our community.

What I think about a person that would be responsible if you are responsible you have to show manners, like looking after your belongings, treated other the same way you want to be treated and be honest. Own up to what you have done, help others if they need support.

If there is a fight or a problem, be responsible and go solve it and if there is something dangerous and a little kid is going to it, tell them not to go there because it is very dangerous.

You will need to take on a lot of tasks that are important and that is related to school work. Taking care of younger students out of home or at school. Helping others if they need help, willing to work with anyone in the class or out of school. Ask parents what help they need and then assist.

Friday, 14 February 2014


Today the Year 7 and 8's went to technology at Tamaki College.
The year 8 had graphics and this is what we did.