Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Netbook Reflection

Having a netbook helps me do my school work easier and I always use a writing template for my writing it makes it so easier, I also do reading activates to help my comprehending and I also do inquiry presentations. My netbook helps in many ways. Having a net book is easier for me to learn because I learnt how to go on our class site if we were stuck. I use my netbook to search for information that needed. I have been learning my key competencies by thinking and relating to each other so as i'm managing myself. I have helped other students in my class and asked them if they needed help with their work by learn creating and sharing my work onto my blog so that other people would read and leave there comments. I reckon that it is betteer to use my netbook rather than using pencil and paper, because people around the world can see our work.