Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Maths wizz

To day I went on maths wizz I learnt my tree time table
I am very happy that I leant some thing today I in prove in my maths and I did my two time table and five time table I like maths wizz.


Today room 10 went to the netball court to play netball when we got there I saw a lady and her name is jenny she told us to run around the court for our warm up.When we finished our warm up we had to get into 2 groups.Then we got into a game of netball jenny gave each of us a number I was number 1 our group is called bulldog I was so worried that I couldn't get the ball thrown the hope very good.At last were at the end of our game we played the last game for the
finely game and the bulldog WON we were so happy that we won for the game.I really enjoyed myself I had fun it was so hot.  

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Creature at Camp Creepy

Today I was reading a story call Creature at Cap Creepy written by Jen Storer and Illustrations by Tom Kurema. I did all the activity. I had some question right and some wrong. I am happy the I was improving.

Maths Magician

Today I was on Maths Magician. I was working on my 3 time table. I got 28 second and 100%.  I am proud of myself because I am improving.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Star dome stroy

Last Thursday room7 and ten went on a green bus to visit Stardome.At stardom I  learned about what happened in space. When we got there, we had to line up into our groups. I was in Taloula dad’s group. When I first saw Taloula's dad he just looked like Michael Jackson because he was wearing a hat like the famous singer . The first place we went was a big theatre. In the theatre I was sitting next to Te Puawai and Taoula.While I was listening and watching the films about space astronauts and constellations,I saw an astronaut brushing his teeth. While I was watching the pictures looked like it was real and it was 3D .I really enjoyed myself because I learnt that when an astronauts brushes their teeth they have to drink the water.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

My Holiday Recount

Something sad happened in the holidays. My dear Grandpa Pulehetoa
he wears glasses he wore the hospital clothes. Became very sick and had to be rushed in an ambulance to the hospital. Wooh! wooh! wooh! wooh the siren screeched down the quiet street. We were very worried for him.
One nice sunny day me and my family went to visit my grandpa in hospital. My heart was heavy with sadness was i saw him lying on the cozy bed. He look tired and spoke very slowly. We took him some treats of taro and corned beef so that he could have a break from hospital food. After a while we got ready to go home. On the way home we stopped at the shop to buy some dinner, fried rice was our first choice  and the flavoured rice was like a taste explosion in my mouth YUM! Then we also bought my lunch for school which was opening the next day.  I couldn’t wait to see my friends again and work on my netbook.