Monday, 14 April 2014

measure your body parts or a netbook

WALT:use our body part as a unit of measurement

Today room 10 learnt how to measure with our body parts on
a maths going down is 3 centimeter and going across is 3 and half
so altogether is about 14 centimeter.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Youth camp 2014

On Friday the 4th of April 2014 my church      and I went on a camp at the christian youth camp site. We all traveled by a van. When we arrived there we all had to come out of the van and check if everyone was here.

Then we all walked to the main hall and when we were entering the hall, we were all given a booklet that tells us where to go and what will be happening through the the past few days. After that the people that takes care of that place asked  us to walk down to the kitchen and have a meal. After I served  my food, I went to go and find a table for me to eat on.

Next I walked down to the van and grabbed my bags then the girls from my church was ready to walk to the girls side cabins we only had 7 of us in one cabin.
When we arrived there I opened the door and screamed YES! my face was red because I finally made to the cabin. Then I quickly opened my bags and grabbed out my sleeping bag, my pillow and my sheet for my bed .Next I  was ready to go and have a shower. Our cabin was lucky because it was near the bathroom.

After  we finish our shower we  put on our pajamas and jumped in to bed then we did a pray before we went to sleep. I was shivering  because it was so cold so I went back into my bag and grabbed my other purple blanket. Then we all said to each other goodnight don’t let the night bug bite then we all cracked up laugh next it was time to go bed. All the light went off. I really enjoyed my week there but now it was the sad part when  we had to go and hop in the van. On the way back, I look out the window up in the sky and one drip from my eyes came down. SAD!!!!


Wednesday, 2 April 2014

sunshine online:)

Today I was reading a book called the Ice cream shop window and
that book about when two little girls went to the Ice cream shop and bought
an ice cream each and when they walked out of the shop and saw graffiti on the ice
cream shop window so they both decided to call the police.
I enjoyed reading this lovely book:)