Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I am a responsible person

Explain what it take to be a socially responsible person in our community.

What I think about a person that would be responsible if you are responsible you have to show manners, like looking after your belongings, treated other the same way you want to be treated and be honest. Own up to what you have done, help others if they need support.

If there is a fight or a problem, be responsible and go solve it and if there is something dangerous and a little kid is going to it, tell them not to go there because it is very dangerous.

You will need to take on a lot of tasks that are important and that is related to school work. Taking care of younger students out of home or at school. Helping others if they need help, willing to work with anyone in the class or out of school. Ask parents what help they need and then assist.

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Stephanie Parker said...

This is a great explanation of a socially responsible person Jezebel, I like how you talk about helping others and working with other people. How do you help younger children at home or school?

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